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Wretchid Rockerz Pure RocknRoll from Los Angeles,

The Present Line-up:

Wayne M. Gwyer founder and vocals for W.C. Wayne flew the Australian version of Wretchid Child to America with his sights set on conquering the states. Wayne endured several line up changes before he found one that he felt was reliable, sober and solidified the ?Wretchid sound.? Wayne was really proud of his new band members. Wayne had a solid and business savvy bass player in Jay Bacher, a guitarist that could absolutely shred in Jess Tzimas and a dedicated and talented drummer in Dean Andreatta aka ?Dean Drums.? But it was always Wayne who kept Wretchid Child going. Wayne was the James Brown of hard rock. He was the hardest-working man in show business.

Jay Bacher(pronounced Rocker)/Bassist/Back Up Vocals_Songwriter/producer/Artist/recording/Metal/Rock Bass Player out of San Antonio,Tx with Last accomplishment before hitting the road "Own" outfit Sacred Steele.Influences ranging from early Sabbath to Deep Purple then to follow along foot steps of Metal Classics Iron Maiden,Saxon,Exodus,Testament, Riot...to mention a few. Done extensive recordingz at well known Recording Studios. Have played extensively with different outfits dating back to the 70's. In and around the Los Angeles area too name a few: The Original Contraband,which later became Destroyer,The Hellcats, Bash,LucifersLegacy,The Militants,Intentional Rage while on the Club circuit supporting Local and National acts Leathurwolf,The Bullet Boys, Cutthroat, Helarage along within Local venues,The Whiskey,Gazzaris,Troubadour, Waters Club, Club Goodies,Mcreds,The Blue Saloon,Club Pleasures,Balisteries,The Coconut Teaszer..more around the Valley...much more on Roster,but You get the Idea""LOL""And So now continues with Wretchid Child.

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Jess P. Tzimas is a hard rock/metal shred guitarist based in Los Angeles, CA. Over the years he has developed his own unique style and tone, using his custom made guitars by Kiesel. Born in Athens, Greece, at 13 he began studying classical guitar and couple of years later started electric guitar which is his passion. In 2002 Jess joined a well known rock band in Greece, playing all over the country in big festivals and music venues. During the period 2002- 2010 they opened shows for world famous bands including Scorpions, Whitesnake, Winger, Dokken, Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath) and more.

Dean Andreatta on drums. (on Facebook as Dean Drums) Keeping the beat for the Wretchid machine! He loves playing drums for the Child (and his other projects). When he's not behind the kit, he's watching, listening, and learning from all the great talent out there. We're glad he's with the Wretchid machine!

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Past members:


Member Since: June 08, 2005 Members: WAYNE MATTHEW GWYER ( vocals _ songwriter ) MAJOR TOM( lead guitar - backing vocals ) TOBY LEE( rhythm guitar - backing vocals )CHRIS LACEY (BASS-BACKUP VOCALS) BILL MONTANYE(THE DRUMMER- & VOCALS) Sounds Like: " ROCK N ROLL " Record Label: To be announced .



General Info Genre: Classic Rock / Glam / Rock Location LOS ANGELES hollyweird, CA, US Profile Views: 48961 Last Login: 1/24/2011 Myspace/ Member Since 6/8/2005 Record Label To be announced .............. .. .. .. GETTING READY TO " ROCK N ROLL"


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